$25, $50, $95

Saves 3 at auction


YOU helped save THREE horses from slaughter this past October. We thank our Readers, Donors and our priceless Volunteers as you made it possible for Saving Baby Equine Charity to immediately send funds to help Arabian Horse Rescue and Education when they attended the Eugene Auction. SAVED from slaughter: An aged mare, over 30,  named “Ducky” was saved with a bid of $25! The rescue knows they may not save her life but will provide her with love, comfort, evaluation and kind words at the end rather than have her be trampled in a trailer on her way to a slaughterhouse. THAT is horse rescue with a heart! Through our donation and YOUR help, that same day, YOU also saved “Mr. Grey” for $50 and he has suffered greatly for only being 11 years. He is blind in one eye due to a puncture wound. His leg was broken and untreated. He hasn’t had hoof care and he has scars all over his body. His future is also uncertain but it will not be a slaughterhouse. “Mrs. Grey” was saved from auction with bid of $95. She is approximately 1-2 years old, halter broke, healthy and pushy like a youngster. She came in at the last minute so the rescue stayed until the end to save her. To follow these horses further, please, visit the FB page of Arabian Horse Rescue and Education. Thank YOU again for your trust and support of Saving Baby Equine Charity as we continue to seek out and help horses in emergency conditions.


Mr. Grey

Mrs. Grey

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