23 Wild Mustangs

Saved from Slaughter in Nevada


On October 22, 2013, Saving Baby Equine Charity received both an email and a Face Book plea for help with raising funds to save 23 wild Mustangs that were captured from their homes in Nevada’s Virginia Range by the state Department of Agriculture.


These terrified icons of the American West were actually being held at the Carson City Prison and were going to be sent to slaughter if funds were not raised to save them.


American Wild Horse Preservation was spearheading the fundraising efforts and Dreamcatcher Wild Horse and Burro Sanctuary was willing to take in “Red” (Photo of Red and his family at the Carson City Prison is courtesy of Cindy Hartzell) and his seven family members and 15 other Mustangs and keep them together for life, running free in their sanctuary.


All 23 Wild Mustangs were saved!!


Thanks to your financial support for Saving Baby Equine Charity,  we were able to send them four times the donation amount they were pleading for from individuals and so YOU participated in saving these horses and allowing them the life and freedom they so deserve.


We vow to assure you that your donations to Saving Baby Equine Charity will directly help horses in need.  You can trust us that your donation funds are making an immediate difference in horses’ lives.


Whinnies to you for your continued generosity and compassion!


Here is Red, just one of the lucky 23 mustangs saved from slaughter — thanks to many caring folks, their new lives have begun!

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