50 Neglected Horses


In December of 2015, Saving Baby Equine Charity was contacted by White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue, http://www.whitebirdapps.com/ in Virginia for financial help as they continued their ongoing rescue activities. Because of YOU, Saving Baby Equine Charity was able to help and what a story this is!


Earlier in 2015, White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue was contacted by the owner of a 50-horse herd of neglected animals. She had allowed the horses to breed freely over the course of 30 years on a large property, with no handling or veterinary care and little food. The case was an open Animal Control case with the county. In the months prior to this contact, eight horses had died. When White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue arrived they found horses dying. The foals being born were too weak to nurse and the mothers too starved to produce milk. Some mares and foals were dying of fescue toxicity.  Other horses were injured, or suffering from such conditions as myopathy and infections. Nearly all the horses were malnourished. They triaged the herd by removing critical horses immediately. They then gelded the 24 stallions on the property to stop the breeding. As of December, they had removed 35 horses from the herd.  These horses required extensive handling and socialization, as they were semi-feral. The two youngest colts, among the last born on the farm and Saving Baby Equine Charity provided funds to allow White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue to remove this pair to ensure that they can be socialized early and adopted into safe homes.


Saving Baby Equine Charity received this thank you from the rescue but it is meant for YOU:


“Thank you for helping out in these kinds of situations, where our options are more limited."


Appaloosa yearling colt removed from neglect

Paint yearling colt also removed. Both are

semi-feral but have a new life ahead!

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