65 Mustangs Saved


Through the efforts of Chilly Pepper, Miracle Mustang, Equine Rescue and Let'em Run Foundation, we learned of two herds of wild Mustangs totaling 65 horses that were rescued -- 40 of them literally 10 minutes before they were loaded onto slaughter trucks. Rojo’s Band usually stays in the mountains but he decided to move them down and was captured right away. Waylan’s Band somehow wandered onto 180 East by the USA Parkway and was fortunate to be saved. Lauri Elizabeth Armstrong expressed her gratitude on Facebook: “THANK YOU to Saving Baby Equine Charity for their generous donation to the Let 'Em Run Foundation. We are working closely with them to help feed and re-home 65 wild mustangs who were saved from slaughter in their final hours. We cannot begin to express our appreciation for your help.” We with to thank You also!

Part of two herds of 65 wild Mustangs saved from slaughter.

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