Another Chance Equine Rescue


Saving Baby Equine Charity was pleased to contribute to Another Chance Equine Rescue (ACE Rescue), a non-profit equine rescue located in Ohio. ACE Rescue takes in equines of all breeds from abuse and neglect situations as well as ones headed to slaughter. Currently, ACE Rescue has a number of off-track Thoroughbreds (OTTB’s) in their program that are and will be available for adoption. But two of their OTTB’s are permanent residents of ACE Rescue as their old racing injuries have rendered them unsound for riding.

Fund raising is necessary for non-profits, and ACE Rescue had considered a “Night at the Races” fundraiser around this year’s Kentucky Derby. After some thoughtful consideration by ACE Rescue’s board members, they decided a fundraiser centered around the Kentucky Derby was not appropriate given their equine residents. We at Saving Baby Equine Charity elected to hopefully offset the monies lost by not having the fundraiser with a donation. ACE Rescue was thrilled with our donation, and issued a social media note of thanks; “ACE Rescue is so very honored to be given a $500 donation [by Saving Baby Equine Charity]! Even though we have a barn full of OTTB’s, we receive no funding or donations from the racing industry. We consider that hush money because you cannot speak out against what they do if you take their money. Promoting the Kentucky Derby we realized is the same as supporting horse racing…”.


THANK YOU, ACE Rescue, for your profound commitment to our nation’s racehorses, and to all equines in need! And thank you, Saving Baby Equine Charity’s faithful supporters…your donations continue to make life and death differences to equines in need across the country!


A "new guy" at ACE Rescue, this poor 5-year-old thrown away OTTB is full of fungus and missing patches of hair. He nearly fell over when his feet were picked up for inspection. But we're certain he'll blossom in time at ACE Rescue!

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Two horses at ACE Rescue, enjoying life and a warm spring day!