Blaze, Blackjack & Rowdy


The first week of April, 2012, one of the Saving Baby Equine Charity founders received a phone call regarding three horses that needed new homes. The owner was struggling financially, and had recently lost her second job. She knew that soon she would no longer be able to adequately provide for her two geldings and mare.


On April 21, a visit to see the horses urged us to move quickly. The two geldings, an aged QH named “Blaze”, and the elderly TB “Black Jack”, both showed signs of lameness. In addition, although their weight was adequate, they were showing signs of neglect with filthy hair coats and unkempt hooves. The boss mare “Rowdy”, an appendix QH, was in the best shape of the three, but her feet were in dire need of farrier work as well. But most disturbing was the fact that the owner had run out of hay. At my visit at 1PM, the horses were standing at an empty hay feeder, nickering constantly and looking to us to feed them. They had been without hay for several days by then, receiving only some grain in the morning and at night.


Working with the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition, a rescue was found that would take all three of the horses. Second Chance Ranch and Rescue quickly said “YES” to our plea for a home for Blaze, Black Jack, and Rowdy. Since the rescue could not take in the three immediately, Saving Baby Equine Charity offered help with getting hay to the horses ASAP, but the owner declined promising she would acquire hay within 24 hours. A check back with her did indeed prove that round bales were delivered the very next morning.


Blaze, Black Jack, and Rowdy were picked up by Second Chance Ranch and Rescue ten days later on May 1. With the Saving Baby Equine Charity co-founder there to assist with loading, only Black Jack offered a little resistance to enter the trailer. But once his friend Rowdy walked on and stood quietly, he happily agreed to going along!


Sadly, full veterinarian evaluations of the three horses demonstrated longstanding skeletal injuries with Black Jack, and Blaze was suffering with severe end-stage arthritis. The kindest and most humane decision was made to end their agony, and with the Second Chance staff by their side, Blaze and Black Jack were euthanized. This was devastating to the rescue, but we are so thankful to them for what they did for these two geldings. Blaze and Black Jack knew no terror and experienced no further pain when they peacefully went to sleep. This was selfless love the folks of Second Chance Ranch and Rescue demonstrated, and we at Saving Baby Equine Charity are forever grateful to them.


Rowdy, on the other hand, is healthy and well. She will be further evaluated to determine what expertise level will be the best match for her adopter. She is a lucky mare, to have landed safely in Second Chance’s loving “arms”!


Saving Baby Equine Charity is honored to have been a part of helping Blaze, Black Jack, and Rowdy out of their unfavorable situation. In addition to our reaching out to find a rescue for these three, the visits to the farm for the initial assessment and to assist with preparation for transport, Saving Baby Equine Charity was privileged to give Second Chance Ranch and Rescue a monetary donation for the care and needs of Blaze, Black Jack, and Rowdy. A big “THANK YOU” to all who cared and assisted with this rescue.

Blaze - Quarterhorse

Blackjack - Thoroughbred

Rowdy - Appendix Quarterhorse

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