100-plus BLM Sale Authority Burros

Burros rescued from export to Guatemala


The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was planning to ship 100 (and likely more) burros to Guatemala where they would be used as beasts of burden (and possibly worse). The burros targeted for this plan are burros who are victims of the BLM’s “three strikes” policy, meaning that they’ve been offered for adoption three times without being adopted. That qualifies the burros as “Sale Authority” animals, so they can now be sold without restrictions for $25.00 each. Because of the tremendous risk to the burros of over-use, abuse, neglect, starvation, theft, and slaughter, a campaign to save them from the fate planned for them by the BLM was launched. And Saving Baby Equine Charity took part in the rescue of these precious burros!


Todd Mission Rescue could intake 8 burros but only had funds to purchase 4 of them. Saving Baby Equine Charity donated an amount that would not only purchase the 4 burros that had no sponsors (no one had stepped up to purchase them), but an even larger portion of our donation went towards the significant gasoline costs for the transport of many more burros to their new homes across the country.


From one of the organizers of this enormous undertaking; “In case some of you wonder, the “Guatemala 100” is really more like the “Guatemala 189”! Although [the] BLM was planning to send 100 burros to Guatemala as the first shipment exported to a third world country, we have no way to know exactly which 100 of the 189 BLM Sale Authority burros they were planning to ship out, so we’re just going to get them ALL into homes! That way, there’s no doubt that NONE will go anywhere, but to American homes! You are all so amazing, and have done an incredible job of working together to accomplish this mission. Let’s keep up the momentum for just a little while longer, so we can adopt the theme, “No burro left behind” in this ‘graduating class!’”


We want to sincerely thank Todd Mission Rescue, Elaine Nash for her tremendous work in coordinating this huge task, and EVERY PERSON that opened their heart and home to these little American burros! And thanks to YOU! – faithful supporters of Saving Baby Equine Charity! Amazing things will happen for our nation’s equines when we work together!


A little "beast of burden" — what scores of our country's wild burros were headed for!

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