Camies Kruzen

Thoroughbred Racehorse


Camies Kruzen, a forgotten Thoroughbred racehorse, is our first rescue of 2014…and we thank all of our supporters and donors for making this possible!


Camies Kruzen, a 2009 gelding with 19 racing starts and earnings of nearly 23K, was one of four Thoroughbred racehorses that at the end of their careers had been severely neglected and basically forgotten. With the help of several equine rescue organizations, all four of the horses were purchased and brought to safety.


Colleen Cheechalk of Borrowed Freedom Equine Assisted Therapies, Inc. and the Excelsior Thoroughbred Advancement Program reached out to us at Saving Baby Equine Charity for assistance with the costs of the intensive care Camies Kruzen will require. The sweet gelding is estimated to be 350 pounds underweight and will need extensive physical rehabilitation, but he is now safe and under the care of Second Chance Thoroughbreds.


Again, Saving Baby Equine Charity thanks our many supporters. Without your generous donations horses like Camies Kruzen would remain forgotten and soon perish! Instead, this deserving gelding is another success story…and here Colleen so gratefully shares: “Camies Kruzen will finally get the fresh start he was promised. He will never know starvation and neglect again. He will only know respect, compassion and dignity. Thank you all for helping make that happen.”


You can read the complete story of Camies Kruzen and the other three horses, including the racetracks they came from, at the Excelsior Thoroughbred Advancement Program website


Camies Kruzen shortly after he

was rescued.

Camies Kruzen, looking better each week!

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