Central VA Horse Rescue

7+ Saved at Auction


Because of YOUR help, Saving Baby Equine Charity provided a grant to assist Central VA Horse Rescue, Inc. when they went to an auction in North Carolina and came home with a 3-year-old Thoroughbred filly, a 3-year-old Mule, a jennet donkey heavy in foal and very sick, and four young jack (uncastrated) donkeys, one with a nasty leg wound.


We are doing the "easy work" of donating funds while these rescues are in the trenches. Saturday night, July 1, CVHR was at the auction until after 11 p.m.!! They saved seven with one heavy in foal so eight but read about what else they had to see:


"The donkeys were heartbreaking. There were so many of them. Many, many jacks with no handling. We pulled jacks because we can and will have them gelded before placing. There was another rescue there as well. With 40-60 donkeys, there was no way we could save them all and my heart broke to see them all in the pen. We left at 11:30 and there was still a pen full of donks and 100 horses to sell."


Thank YOU for making it possible to save some lives on 4th of July holiday weekend 2017 and our unending gratitude to all involved in the rescue of these or any living beings!




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