Cotton Patch

Thoroughbred Racehorse


More than likely, there were high hopes for the Kentucky-bred chestnut colt by Forest Grove out of Cottoned On. The red foal was later named Cotton Patch, and although he did make it to the races, it was soon realized he would never be a racing star. Cotton Patch’s first two races were at Churchill Downs, but he quickly found himself in the cheap Ohio racing circuit at River Downs and Beulah Park. Any luck he might have had on his side was running out when he was acquired by yet another owner/trainer shortly before December 4, 2012….but fortunately for Cotton Patch, a little luck might be all he needed.


Cotton Patch’s new owner/trainer was well known to Saving Baby Equine Charity’s co-founders as they had numerous dealings with him regarding his horses, and the majority of the time the end result was euthanasia for his injured and used-up horse. This disturbing pattern prompted adding this racing owner/trainer to their virtual stable, and several of his horses had already benefited from keeping a watchful eye over his stable. Now at least two more of his horses appeared to be in trouble, and Cotton Patch was one of them.


On December 4, 2012, Cotton Patch ran in a $2500 claiming race at Beulah Park, coming in 4th but was “empty in the stretch”. Two weeks later was a repeat…a 4th place finish in a $2500 claimer, and this time the chart said he “weakened”. By now, Saving Baby Equine Charity had Cotton Patch on their radar and plans to get the gelding were being set in motion. January 10, 2013, the first phone call to a former connection was made, but he was not yet convinced Cotton Patch was headed for trouble. Then on January 29, the 5-year-old chestnut ran again for a $2500 tag, crossing the finish last in a 9-horse field, 25+ lengths behind. Hearing the results of the race, the previous owner was on board with a plan to acquire Cotton Patch.


Two days later we contacted the racing owner/trainer, and as expected, he would not let the gelding go without a price. Saving Baby Equine Charity and Cotton Patch’s former owner combined their financial resources to purchase, transport, and temporarily house the gelding until the final trip to his retirement home could be made. Cotton Patch raced one last time at Beulah Park on March 12, 2013… the next day he left the track for the last time.


Cotton Patch now resides in Kentucky at the farm of his previous connection. We at Saving Baby Equine Charity are grateful to this former owner for contributing towards the monetary needs of acquiring and transporting Cotton Patch, but most importantly, for providing him with his retirement home. It looks like there was just the right amount of luck left for Cotton Patch.



Cotton Patch received a visit from SBEC co-founder Joy Aten on September 28, 2013. He is retired to a former connection’s farm in Kentucky, where he spends his days in a beautiful, expansive pasture with three retired broodmares-his own little herd! He is living the life all horses should live! Thank you, once again, to all who took part in seeing him safely off the track!

Cotton Patch at a layover farm the day we finally acquired him and had him removed from the track.

Here is Cotton Patch on September 28, 2013 at the farm where he is now retired to.

Here is Cotton Patch (front) with his herds of mares!

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