Cymple Rhythm

Thoroughbred Racehorse


Starved and standing quietly at a California auction, Cymple Rhythm, bred and raced in California, ran three years for her owner - her last race at Ferndale was a $3200 cheap claiming race. How did she arrive at an auction, with a hip number and wearing a Western saddle? We will never know because there is no standard procedure in place by the racing industry to follow the horses they have brought into this world to assure they do not end up injured, starved and at auctions. Perhaps the saddle was in place in a feeble attempt to hide her skeletal figure! Certainly it hid the sores on her back as you will notice in the pictures when the saddle was removed.


How much did this poor mare suffer? Too much!


Saving Baby Equine Charity became aware of her plight after a Face Book posting of pictures and a plea for help. Megan Gaynes of Auction Horses Rescue alerted Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue who had room to take her in but they had no funds to purchase her and support a lengthy rehabilitation of yet another horse in desperate need of help.


Thanks to your support for Saving Baby Equine Charity, we were able to immediately forward a donation and help a horse all the way across the continent! Enough donations were received through everyone working together and Cymple Rhythm was bid on by Auction Horses Rescue, and transported to Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue where she is starting her slow recovery from starvation and brutality. (Photos are courtesy of Auction Horses Rescue.)


Thank you for helping Cymple Rhythm! You can trust that your donations to Saving Baby Equine Charity will be used for their intended purpose on specific horses so you know what your generosity has accomplished!



Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue (SCTR) sends us frequent updates of Cymple Rhythm’s fantastic progress. We are thrilled to hear she has reached her goal weight! The once depressed and emaciated mare is now a happy and healthy much-loved horse, thanks to supporters of SCTR and Saving Baby Equine Charity!



These photos, taken at the auction, show Cymple Rhythm's horrific physical condition.

Look how beautiful and healthy Cymple Rhythm is now!

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