Thoroughbred Racehorse and Broodmare


On May 25, 2012, we were alerted to the situation of a mare having been sold at an auction in eastern Michigan six days earlier on May 19. The mare was announced as being a “CANTER mare” as she was brought up for bidding, and we were also informed that the mare was unfortunately purchased by a well-known dealer that then sells his purchases to a kill buyer reputed to be the largest supplier of horses to a Canadian slaughterhouse. The clock was ticking to find out who this mare was, where she was, and in the case she was even still alive, if we could get her to safety.


After some investigation and multiple phone calls, it was determined that the mare was Dunala, a 2003 Thoroughbred mare, and that she did indeed come into the CANTER program in 2005 with a fractured knee. The beautiful, flashy bay mare received surgery at Michigan State University Large Animal Clinic for her injury, and was adopted out soon after. But through a series of decisions and circumstances that we will likely never know, she ended up at the Vassar auction the 19th of May, 2012 and became the “property” of a horse dealer. She was certainly not safe, and there was no one but those of us with Saving Baby Equine Charity and Beyond the Roses Equine Rescue and Retirement that cared about Dunala and didn’t hesitate one moment to go after her.


An e-mail was sent to Dunala’s original adopter, asking for financial assistance, as the dealer demanded $1000 for the mare. The money was raised, the ransom was paid, and Dunala was safely delivered on May 30. This young mare, not yet 10 years of age and dependent on the humans in her life, was nearly lost not once but twice! Thankfully, Dunala had Saving Baby Equine Charity and Beyond the Roses Equine Rescue and Retirement on her side when no one else cared.

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