Emmy’s Pearl

Thoroughbred Racehorse


Emmy’s Pearl, a stunning near-black (dark bay) 2010 Thoroughbred filly, was taken in by Last Chance Ranch (Pennsylvania) after sustaining a racing injury. Told the pretty filly needed only stall rest, the rescue was surprised to find she needed surgery after a full veterinarian exam with diagnostics was performed. Last Chance Ranch reached out to Saving Baby Equine Charity for assistance with the costs of the surgery…and we were thrilled to help!


Emmy’s Pearl will receive the surgery for removal of bone chips in her knee sometime in early February. She will require 3 to 4 months of stall rest post-operatively, after which she will be evaluated in preparation for adoption to what will be her forever home. Emmy’s Pearl has a long and wonderful life to look forward to, thanks to Last Chance Ranch, Saving Baby Equine Charity, and all of the generous supporters of both organizations! Thank you!


We will update Emmy’s Pearl’s story as we are apprised of her progress. Please come back and check for these updates and new photos!



Emmy’s Pearl underwent surgery on Tuesday, February 11. The veterinarian had radiographs taken of all four limbs prior to surgery and to everyone’s surprise, Emmy’s Pearl had chips in both knees and a fractured splint in her right hind leg. Therefore, the filly required surgery on both of her knees – the chips were removed and calcification in her right knee was reduced. In addition, a “cast” was placed to her injured right hind leg. She has a relatively long road of healing and recuperation ahead of her, so any additional financial support for her would be much appreciated! Thank you...we will provide updates as we receive them.



Saving Baby Equine Charity recently received another update on Emmy’s Pearl! Here is the e-mail from Last Chance Ranch’s Equine Director, Claire Dorna:  “Emmy is doing great! After an initial setback after the surgery (she had an infection) she is recovering nicely. She is the calmest Thoroughbred I have ever met and is handling her stall rest very well. She enjoys her walks and was soooo happy when the grass sprouted. She is cleared to be turned out in a small area. Just in time to enjoy the summer! Thank you so much for your contribution. She is a sweet horse that deserves a spoiled life.”


Emmy’s Pearl does not yet have her forever home but remains under the care of Last Chance Rescue. Please consider a donation to help with this sweet mare’s daily needs! Thank you!



The beautiful face of Emmy's Pearl!

Emmy's Pearl — what a stunning filly!

Emmy's Pearl in surgery.

Emmy's Pearl convalescing in her stall.

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