Restoration after storm

Equine 808 Horse Rescue - Hawaii


In March 2015, Saving Baby Equine Charity learned of severe weather damage to the facilities of Equine 808 Horse Rescue of Hawaii on the island of Oahu through their volunteer, Cheryl, and of their desperate need to repair fencing. We received a wonderful letter from Diane Cornish, their volunteer Executive Director who explained that Equine 808 Horse Rescue opens their doors and hearts to all horses that come to them through owner surrender or those that were rescued and saved by responsible neighbors reporting neglect to authorities.


We thank YOU for your donations from through our website and also we receive a portion of our funding from the sale of Saving Baby - How One Woman's Love for a Racehorse Led to Her Redemption as Saving Baby Equine Charity was able to make a donation to Equine 808 Horse Rescue which Ms. Cornish explained: “This would help to take a big burden off of us here and more importantly, help to ensure safety for our wonderful horses”.


Rest easy that Saving Baby Equine Charity will make sure YOUR generosity and support find those in need.


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