CA Winning Auction Bid $100


Forgotten Horses Rescue, Inc. of CA gave this explanation of Hip 516 at the slaughter auction:

“This right here, is why your donations mean so much to these horses. This boy was labeled as hip 561, and was standing in the back corner of the auction in the stud pens. Taking on stallions is more challenging for us because we don't have a separate stallion set up nor do we have the funds for surgery if they end up being a cryptorchid. But, as this boy was walked through the auction pen and his bid went lower and lower we knew that there was no way he was going home with anybody but us. We bought him for just $100. His life is worth much more to us than just that. But it goes to show how far even small donations go! We have indeed confirmed that he is a cryptorchid which means he will need his gelding to be done in the vet hospital. That puts his gelding cost up to possibly $2500. We have already fallen in love with his kind disposition and would be so appreciative if we could rally just a little longer. We know it's a lot, but we also know he's worth it. If you'd like to donate to his gelding fund, we would be so grateful. If you can't donate, help this post be seen by liking, commenting and sharing. Once again, thank you for always coming through to save the lives of horses who need us the most.”


Saving Baby Equine Charity provided funds toward his surgery. Thank you for making this possible!


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