Heart of Phoenix-WV

Neglected Yearling Filly


Because of YOUR help, Saving Baby Equine Charity provided a grant to assist Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, Inc. of West Virginia. Here’s the rescue story as stated by Heart of Phoenix:


“Little Mae came to us Saturday through Animal Control. She is a dear, pitiful little filly with a beautiful head. It is something we will never understand . . .the way people breed these creatures without a care to ever feeding them, offering basic farrier and vet care or anything.


“She needs her teeth done, though she is only a yearling, but she really wasn't strong enough for that today. That will be done soon. She has a heavy parasite load, needs to see a farrier right away and needs a lot of good nutrition. But what a pretty, delicate gal she will grow to be one day.”



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