Help for Momma Girl

Pregnant Mare Eye Emergency


Pregnant Mare Rescue of California brought to safety a starving, pregnant mare with a foal at her side only to learn that the mare, named Momma Girl had a serious eye issue.


A Go Fund Me Plea was posted by the rescue and Saving Baby Equine Charity contributed to the upcoming veterinary treatment for Momma Girl’s eye to help give her the medical care she deserves as soon as she has her new foal.


Wonderful news! Her colt that was at her side has found a new home and the rescue has started to bring Momma Girl back to health as you can see in the before and after pictures.


States the Pregnant Mare Rescue: “We appreciate the continued support... So we thank you and extend our biggest gratitude for your interest in our girl.”

And WE pass on that gratitude to all of YOU!


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