Homely Halo

Thoroughbred Racehorse


Thoroughbred racehorse, Homely Halo, arrived in Michigan at Foxgate Farms from Mountaineer Park in West Virginia on New Year's Eve. Quickly renamed "Heavenly Halo", she was fostered by Tammy Ghesquiere owner of Foxgate Farms and cared for by volunteers, Joyce Moore, founder and president of Animal Advocates of Michigan, and Dawn Mancina, her new owner! Veterinarian, Evan Moore, examined her and Paul Melchor took care of her farrier needs. Many whinnies to all who helped Saving Baby Equine Charity and "Heavenly Halo" start the New Year in the best way possible!

A happy photo of Joyce and canine friend, Tammy, Homely Halo, and Dawn.

Halo enjoying a special moment with her special person.

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