Eleven Horses Bought at CA Auction

Horse Plus Humane


YOU helped save 11 horses removed from a slaughter auction in California on February 22 through your kind donations to our charity and, please, remember that a portion of book sales of Saving Baby - How One Woman's Love for a Racehorse Led to Her Redemption help fund Saving Baby Equine Charity so please spread the word! We not only inform other compassionate people about the need to end horse slaughter and abuse in horseracing but we raise funds to support our charity, too! A circle of love! Saving Baby Equine Charity donates emergency funds to approved 501(c)(3) rescues when equines are in dire need. We mailed a donation to Horse Plus Humane to help with this auction rescue. Please click on their blog link to read the details of their dedication and heartbreaking work and the equines who YOU gave life to! Thank you heartily!!!


See all 11 horses rescued at the auction and  you won't want to miss this special blog! http://horsehumane.org/blog/?p=28810

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