L.E.A.N. - Cappucina



All of us working together helping equines also means rescues working together! Local Equine Assistance Network or L.E.A.N., a division of All Vegas Horses, has been the last hope for many horses and donkeys with no place left to go.


Cappucina was rescued by her owner when others were going to “fatten her up to send to slaughter.” With her new owner, she had two more wonderful years as a pasture mate that were filled with love, gentle words, kind touches, shelter, food and veterinary care even though she was unrideable. Sadly, when Cappucina foundered on her one good front leg, she could not be relieved of her pain and her owner turned to L.E.A.N. for assistance.


With gratitude to our readers, donors and supporters for allowing Saving Baby Equine Charity the funds to donate to the Local Equine Assistance Network of All Vegas Horses to assist them in helping lovely Cappucina have a quiet and peaceful end. She is fondly remembered and so sadly missed.


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