Lenore and Filly

Pregnant mare, rescued from starvation


In April of this year, Central Virginia Horse Rescue saved a starving mare. Extremely emaciated and near death, the fragile mare was christened Lenore. At some point after intake, it was discovered she was in foal. Efforts to return Lenore to health had begun in earnest on day one, but now there was realization that not only the frail mare’s life was jeopardized by her wasted condition, but so was the life of her unborn foal! Would the little one even survive and make it to term?!?


As days, weeks and months passed, Lenore blossomed…her bony prominences disappeared and her coat gleamed. She had the look of a glowing mother-to-be! Everyone at Central Virginia Horse Rescue anxiously awaited the birth of Lenore’s foal, hoping and praying for a safe delivery and a healthy newborn. Then on August 30, the waiting was over…Lenore gave birth to a beautiful, vigorous filly – “IT’S A GIRL”!


Saving Baby Equine Charity was thrilled to provide Central Virginia Horse Rescue with a donation, happily given for the care of Lenore and her filly. Thank you, Central Virginia Horse Rescue, for taking Lenore in, bringing her to excellent health, and saving TWO LIVES! And finally, thank YOU — Saving Baby Equine Charity’s supporters - for your continued support so we can provide assistance in these special situations across the country!


Lenore's precious filly!

Lenore - heavily pregnant but finally healthy and happy!

Lenore and her adorable filly.

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