“Lucky” the Stallion


Triple Me Mac Equine Sanctuary (TMMES) sent us this message:    “Approximately two weeks ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed of horses on their way to Mexican slaughter plants, when I noticed a well-bred, 7-year old palomino Quarter Horse stallion. After expressing interest in this guy, I was told that he had a small calcification on one knee and seemed a little lame in a front leg, but we at Triple Me Mac Equine Sanctuary (TMMES) still wanted to give him a chance. We took “Lucky the Stud” home to find ourselves with a gentle and kind horse whose lameness issues have resolved since rescue. He eventually will see the vet to be gelded, but in the meantime, he is resting and learning how to enjoy life once again.  Thanks to our donation from Saving Baby Equine Charity during #Giving Tuesday, we will have the funds to have Lucky vetted and gelded.” Dixie Neeley, Founder

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