Draft Mare Rescued

from Meat Auction


With our gratitude to our readers, donors and supporters who trust us to help those equine charities in times of emergency situations! Because of you, Saving Baby Equine Charity was able to donate toward the veterinary needs of a draft horse rescued from a meat auction by the South Jersey Horse Rescue.


As South Jersey Horse Rescue explained, Mabel “. . . was in terrible condition, hundreds of pounds underweight and infested with lice and internal parasites.  We have brought her back to a good weight and she will make an awesome riding/driving horse for someone but she has glaucoma in her right eye. Since it has been untreated, she needs the eye removed. She will have to go in the hospital for this  . . .  Can you help?”


Thanks to you, we did help offset some of her veterinary costs. What compassion and concern for Mabel has been shown by the South Jersey Horse Rescue!


Mabel clearly neglected infested with parasites and lice receiving TLC and a new chance at life.

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