Memorial Donations


Memorial donations are a beautiful way to express your condolences. A card will be sent to them so they know you have given the gift of life through a contribution in their name.


If you wish to honor the love of a friend, relative, equine, dog, cat or other beloved companion with a donation, please, email us at with their story, how we may notify them of your kindness and a picture would be wonderful so we can also acknowledge their loss here and in our newsletter.


John Normile, husband of Jo Anne Normile, co-founder and president of Saving Baby Equine Charity, passed away on November 17, 2017. John and Jo Anne were married 49 years. Throughout Jo Anne’s journey of owing and saving horses, John was her staunchest supporter. No challenge was met alone, as Jo Anne’s passion and commitment to be a voice for horses became woven into their lives. In lieu of flowers, John wanted to continue to help save equine lives and the following so generously donated to the charity in his name and we heartily thank all of you:

Lisa Adams

Amy Ammons

Carol & Al Archie

Joy Aten

Patrick Battuelo, Nicole Arciello

Dick and Dottie Bauer

Judy Benjamin

Maryann and Dale Colton

Diane Contini

Dan & Julie Cucco

Jean Daniels

Rob & Jodi Davis

Chrissy and Dan Dudley

Jamie, Tess, Tara Dudley

Annette & Dennis Fink

Barbara Franchi

Terry Gibbons

Sherry Hansen

Tony Hollis


Patricia Huntington

Mary Jobson

Kellie Kist, Bill Kist and Linda  

Susanne Krispien and

    Joachim Kobinger

Duane & Sandy Laidlaw

Linnay Lantz

Gloria Legas

Michael & Relna Mansfield

Cappi Marshall

Rita McNally

Dr. Jackie McParlane, Bob Vick

Medical Center Emergency Services

Patricia Mendiola

Jennifer Merrick-Brooks, Wyatt
    and Family

Heidi and Megan Mier

Ron & Patti Miracle

Andrew Olson

Sandy Pitler

Lorry Potoczak

Julie Ranuio

Cheryl Salisbury

Casie Savoy

Elaine Sisung

Janette & Peter Thibault

Tom & Mary Ellen
    Van Slembrouck

George & Patti Waldrup

Martha Waltien

Mark & Helena Waun

Ronnie and Dianne Winfrey

Arlene Zazula, Angela, and
    Bill Hale

In Loving Memory of Scarlett Secretary, Patricia Mendiola of California has made a donation to Saving Baby Equine Charity. For those of you who have read Saving Baby-How One Woman's Love for a Racehorse Led to Her Redemption, Jo Anne’s Secretariat granddaughter, Scarlett Secretary, (Baby's half-sister) who shared her  life from the moment of her birth until her death at age 25 years on June 1, 2017. Thank you, Pat, for remembering Scarlett in this way -- for giving the gift of life to others with your generous donation.

In beloved memory of Fleet Crossing (Scooby) – Gone too soon! A generous donation was made to Saving Baby Equine Charity by Mary Johnson. He was adopted by Mary and remained with her until his death in June, 2017. He was loved, not because of what he could accomplish but just because he was Scooby. His retirement years were spent in luscious pastures hanging out with his herd and he will forever be remembered, and missed, by those that loved him.

In beloved memory of Phillip Carl Winfrey. In lieu of flowers, we have comfort in knowing that donations made will give life to the horses he loved.

“I made this donation on behalf of my cousin’s sweet Little Pony Boy who lived until August 18, 2016, giving joy to all. He was 25 years old and will always be missed.”

-- Cappi Marshall

In honor of the memory of Riggs owned by Rita Brown by her friend, Kerry Potter.



Dearly remembered, my beloved Poker.

-- Patricia Huntington



In memory of Daktari owned by my friend, Mary Costello. Kerry Potter of MA.

“Anyone who has lost a beloved pet and companion understands the lasting impact they have on our lives. Tuffy you will never be forgotten and in your memory, Kerry continues to donate to our charity so others might be given life itself. Thank you, Kerry <3Run free, "Tuffy" <3 ” -- Kerry Potter

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