Mare, rescued from starvation in Florida


In mid-February, 2014, we were horrified by photos of a starving mare posted on the Facebook page of Witts End Farm Equine Rescue and Rehab Center, Inc. The Osceola County Animal Control had the mare in their possession and needed a rescue to step up and take her in. There were three mares in various states of neglect and malnutrition, but the one Witts End named “Mercy” was dangerously emaciated. Knowing that poor Mercy has a very long road to recovery ahead of her, we at Saving Baby Equine Charity wanted to help. Within just a few days, our financial assistance was in the hands of Witts End for Mercy.  Thanks to our supporters, this starving, little mare will have a chance at life! Thank you!



Mercy, the horribly emaciated mare, has come such a long way since her rescue. As you can see by her updated photo, that does look like the belly of a pregnant mare! To date, the blood tests for determining a pregnancy have been inconclusive. Mercy will continue receiving the great, loving care at Witts End Farm Equine Rescue and Rehab, and there might be an upcoming announcement about her and her newborn foal! Thanks to everyone that had a part in this sweet mare’s rescue…you very possibly saved TWO lives!


Here is Mercy, starved and neglected. Thanks to the caring supporters of Saving Baby Equine Charity and Witts End Farm Equine Rescue, Mercy is now safe and is being lovingly cared for.



As it turns out, Mercy was not in foal. It was actually a blessing that she wasn't having had to recover from her emaciated condition. Thank you, Witts End, for taking such great care of this sweet girl!

Mercy, May 2014...fat and shiny!

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