Mother’s Day Save


Even Mother’s Day horses are sold for slaughter  so the non-profit Arabian Horse Rescue & Education, Inc. went to the Eugene, Oregon auction.


Thanks to your direct donations or donations via purchase of the book Saving Baby we have all made a difference when Saving Baby Equine Charity made a restricted donation to their rescue to help with the costs of obtaining a horse at the Mother’s Day auction.


The young gelding pictured here is said to be 3-years-old and he was ridden through the auction. Bolt is described as a true in your pocket horse. He followed his rescuers from the Arabian Horse Rescue & Education, Inc. around like a puppy. He is a Tennessee Walking Horse/Arabian cross. He is a smaller gelding, however, with good nutrition, love, and time, he should sprout up and fill out.


The Arabian Horse Rescue & Education, Inc. and Saving Baby Equine Charity say: “Thank you for making his rescue possible.”

“Bolt” rescued from auction

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