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Saving Baby Equine Charity supporters have shown their compassion for all equines from Thoroughbreds to newborn donkeys and we thank you!


Helpless and nearly lifeless, six day old Charlie was left to die in a mud puddle until rescued by the Wild Burro Protection League under TMR Rescue, Inc. Their rescue sent out a desperate plea on Facebook was for financial help as Charlie weighed only 26 pounds and needed immediate hospitalization and veterinary care.


Charlie became the most popular equine client of the veterinary hospital and is it any wonder why? Here he is with one of the veterinary staff learning that people can be trusted. Charlie quickly grew strong and left the hospital to join other donkeys at the Wild Burro Protection League and you helped make this possible! We thank you for your trust in donating to Saving Baby Equine Charity which allows us to provided financial assistance for all equines regardless of breed or age!


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Charlie Has Crossed the Rainbow BridgeOctober 13, 2013


Saving Baby Equine Charity, along with many others, donated to the intake and emergency care of newborn Charlie. You can read his original story in our Success Stories. Thanks to the donations of many and the care of Charlie by the Wild Horse and Burro Protection League, he not only lived but he thrived.


However, an unknown liver problem existed and a little more than three months later, with shared grief, we bring you this update:


“With all the rain, it is particularly gloomy but the sun did come out while we laid him to rest. It is the shared connection we all have that made me realize that it is important to allow all of you to have a chance to connect with Charlie one more time as you look for that brightest star. This morning, at 9:47 am Charlie's spirit flew. He was resting in my arms, with his ears on my heart when his spirit was set free. He is now shining brightly down on all of us who loved him dearly. Thank you for all the love you sent his way. I know it helped. My heart is broken.” — Marjorie Farabee, Wild Horse and Burro Protection League


We at Saving Baby Equine Charity were so touched by everyone’s generosity in helping a rejected newborn donkey left to die in a mud puddle, that the experience caused our rescue to adopt from the Bureau of Land Management's Michigan Adoption, an unwanted wild burro who was  due to foal at any time.  She had been with the BLM for two years and Michigan was her fourth state she traveled to in the hopes of being adopted. We named her Marci and her newborn jenny, Winnie. You can read their story in the Success Stories.


Charlie lives on in them as he was the impetus for their adoption by Saving Baby Equine Charity.


Little Charlie shortly after his rescue receiving much needed veterinary care.

Precious Charlie — you will always

be remembered, little one.

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