Nine Saved from Slaughter


Saving Baby Equine Charity responded to the plea of HiCaliber Horse Rescue in California as they planned their trip to the slaughter auction to rescue equines in need.


YOU, dear donors and supporters, helped save the lives of these nine horses as described and named by HiCaliber Horse Rescue:


Freedom, the severely neglected, shaggy gelding with an extremely painful leg. The vets confirmed that he will not be able to be made comfortable and will require humane euthanasia. He was named Freedom to symbolize his freedom from pain and abuse that HiCaliber Horse Rescue offers even the most broken of saves.


Justice, a beefy saddled QH gelding that had been at another auction previously yet he had a number of medical issues that needed treatment.


Rojas, a 4-year-old Quarter Horse.


Kasik, a 4-year-old Thoroughbred stallion who was promptly gelded!


Sherry, a Saddlebred mare. She has some low level lameness and sway back, so food, rest and time will be given before HiCaliber Horse Rescue and their veterinarians determine what is best for her. Even in the chaos and stress of auction she was a kind, gentle girl.


Solana, a 14-year-old bay roan Quarter Horse mare with an old fetlock wound didn't present as sound. She will be given time and will be re-evaluated.


LuYu, was the youngster of this group. Approximately 18 months old, she looks to be part Azteca/Andy/Arab/Unicorn! Very frightened at auction, she had not been handled but just a day after arriving at the rescue, she was haltered and learned that fly masks don't actually eat horses. She's a quiet, willing girl who just needs a gentle hand.


Otis, an 18-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse (with Morgan?) who also went through Mike's auction on Saturday before ending up dumped a second time in four days. He's a deep liver chestnut and was apparently a bit of a troublesome one at this auction. We will give him time to decompress and then the rescue will figure out where he is.


Kay is a 6-year-old sorrel QH mare who seems to have inexplicably ended up at auction. She will be worked with in the coming weeks to see if she has any secrets, but otherwise is sound and young.


As stated by Leah of HiCaliber Horse Rescue:  “THESE are the horses that thank you for stepping up.”


And Saving Baby Equine Charity thanks YOU for making it possible to save nine wonderful souls from the horrific experience of slaughter auctions and ultimately horse slaughter.











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