HOORAY!!! Four Corners Equine Rescue won the bid on the molly mule and jenny donkey abandoned in Farmington, New Mexico! People donate to their New Mexico Estray Equine Fund just for this purpose including YOU, dear readers, donors and supporters because Saving Baby Equine Charity answered their plea for financial help.


What does “Estray” mean? Equines with no “immediately discernible”’ owner go through the estray process of the New Mexico Livestock Board, a state agency. Their policy is to hold equines for ONLY 5 days from the listing date in case the owner steps forward. If no owner is found, they are auctioned off via sealed bids and are at great risk of going to kill buyers.


Lilly and Millie are safe now and having names is so much better than auction numbers, don’t you think?


Molly Mule – Millie

Jenny Donkey – Lilly

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