No Donkey Left Behind


YOU, dear readers and donors, are responsible for allowing Saving Baby Equine Charity to save the lives of these two donkeys (the remaining ones were already rescued from slaughter) when we were able to donate funds through Paypal quickly to Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue on the very day they were to be auctioned. You can see the green auction stickers on their backs! Horrible!


Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue created a special Facebook page entitled  “TPDR – No Donkey Left Behind just for the large intake of donkeys from Texas being done by this Michigan rescue and posted this direct thank you for all to see:


“Thank you Saving Baby Equine Charity for donating to save the beautiful donkeys in the front from the Bowie Auction and keeping them from going to slaughter. One is a bit under the weather but receiving medication and good food in a loving, safe environment. Only one problem. They need names!!  Please accept the honor of naming these two cuties. No one should be referred to as a number.”


Aren’t they just the cutest, sweetest beings? They are SAFE thanks to YOU! We suggested the names “Baby” and “Charity” for the two donkeys and hope you like our choice!


Auction tags #0519 and #0520 saved and named "Baby" and "Charity"

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