Nurse Mare Foals - 2016


Spring time means foaling time. Saving Baby Equine Charity co-founders have a strong background in Thoroughbred horseracing.   As such, we are fully aware that rescues exist primarily to take in the discarded foals considered by-products of the nurse mare industry that supplies lactating mares to Thoroughbred farms for the foals of high-valued mares. The mares must be transported to be bred again right away but the farms cannot risk the expensive foal going too.   So they lease nurse mares. The nurse mares are torn from their own babies—often only days or weeks old—amid much distress and the nurse mares now take on the feeding and raising of the Thoroughbred foals. Their own foals forgotten and unwanted discards.


A donation was sent to Last Chance Corral in Ohio to help offset their enormous costs as they were inundated with foals just days or weeks old.


For more information on the nurse mare foal industry, please, visit the website of Last Chance Corral and learn more details: “What is a Nurse Mare Foal?”

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