Nurse Mare Foals


In July 2012, Saving Baby Equine Charity became aware that the Pregnant Mare Rescue located in California was receiving its last trailer load of discarded foals from the Thoroughbred racing nurse mare “industry” .


Saving Baby Equine Charity co-founders have a strong background in Thoroughbred horseracing and a donation was sent to the Pregnant Mare Rescue to help offset their enormous costs to nurture so many foals who would be highly stressed from their long journey from Kentucky to California.


What is a nurse mare foal? The following information is from the Pregnant Mare Rescue website:


“What is a nurse mare foal? It is a by product of the racing industry. . .It is not looked at as a valuable little life. These babies, many of them will never touch their mothers. They are pulled immediately after birth . . .and some are unnecessarily induced prematurely. They have no purpose to the industry period. Working moms, the mares that race, or more expensive broodmares (Have their baby) and go back to work. Their foals are placed on mares that have just given birth. What happens to the baby that mare just had? They come (sic) a by product. . .discarded. Until a rescue can get their hands on them. . .they often times go without food, water, collostrum or the love of their mothers helping them figure it out. . . Some countries relish butchering and eating raw foal meat. . .others simply dispose of them. This heinous practice along with the pathetic attitude that prevails needs to be uncovered. The dirty little underbelly of horse racing needs exposure. “


We at Saving Baby Equine Charity are sure that you were pleased your donation helped these precious foals!

Pregnant Mare Rescue

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