One Hundred Laughs

Thoroughbred Racehorse


Some Thoroughbreds just have that pedigree…a regal lineage that virtually predicts a spectacular racing career. One Hundred Laughs had such parentage. His sire, Distorted Humor, was a Multiple Graded Stakes Winner and is currently a leading sire at WinStar Farm with a stud fee of $100,000. One Hundred Laughs’ dam is Wonder Again, a Multiple Graded Stakes Winner herself, including a win in Saratoga’s 2004 Grade 1 Diana Handicap, and a 3rd place finish in the 2005 Breeder’s Cup Filly and Mare Turf . Wonder Again had 24 starts for earnings of 1.5 million dollars, raced until the age of six, and is now a member of Darby Dan’s elite broodmare band. Yes, One Hundred Laughs’ ancestry was stellar, and one could likely expect a successful racing career for the chestnut horse.


But expectations did not turn out to be reality. When Saving Baby Equine Charity founders Jo Anne and Joy became aware of One Hundred Laughs, the 6-year-old horse had accumulated 40 starts but had not a single win…in fact he had only 6 third place finishes for his efforts. In his last race, a maiden special weights with a purse of only $4500 at Beulah Park, One Hundred Laughs came in a dismal last, more than 26 lengths behind. He needed someone to ensure he would receive a safe retirement, and his owner/trainer was not one to do that. Many previous dealings with this owner/trainer had Jo Anne and Joy extremely concerned for the horse’s current welfare and impending future, so their first phone call to a prior connection was made on January 9, 2013. Without a moment’s hesitation, everyone receiving a call for assistance in getting One Hundred Laughs off the track and into a safe retirement responded positively…only eleven days after our first plea for assistance, he was purchased and transported to the Kentucky farm that will be his lifetime home. The swift response to our call for help was most appreciated, as it was reported to us that One Hundred Laughs needed “a lot of groceries” and was “really hungry”.


After several months of good nutrition and loving care, One Hundred Laughs was healthy enough to be gelded. He has settled into life on the farm, simply being a horse, and Jo Anne and Joy are looking forward to visiting him this fall. One Hundred Laughs may have never won on the track, but a victory prevailed when it counted the most…he won the most important race of all, the race for life.


Saving Baby Equine Charity thanks EVERYONE who so kindly and graciously worked quickly to ensure One Hundred Laughs a safe and happy retirement!



On September 28, 2013, SBEC co-founder Joy Aten visited One Hundred Laughs at the Kentucky farm where he is retired to. During the visit, the farm manager spoke of the day the chestnut horse arrived. Although we were aware One Hundred Laughs was “thin and hungry” when he left the track, the severity of his poor physical state was unknown to us at that time. It was horrific to hear that One Hundred Laughs literally “fell out of the trailer”. The vet was called immediately, and after an assessment and evaluation, it was determined his emaciated condition was due to one thing-lack of food. One Hundred Laughs had a body score of 2 and he was “fighting just to live”. When Joy asked the farm manager if he happened to take any photos of the starving horse, he replied, “All I could think of was that if he made it, I never wanted to look back at what terrible shape he was in. My assistant cried when he saw him.”


Eight months later, he is healthy and well. Thanks to the great care at the farm of his former connection and now his retirement home, One Hundred Laughs is truly a winner at last! Thank you, once again, to all who had a part in giving him back his life!



Here is One Hundred Laughs on September 28, 2013 at the farm where he is now retired to. He is finally healthy, recently gelded, and forever safe.

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