Rio Lobo

Paint Foal


Saving Baby Equine Charity was notified of a one- month-old paint foal that was in critical need of a surgical procedure. This little colt was only 3-days-old when his breeder noticed he was leaking urine from his umbilicus, a condition known as “persistent urachus”. Not wanting to bother with the needs of this little one, the breeder was going to euthanize him. A loving family heard of the tiny colt’s predicament and offered to adopt him, thereby saving his life. Now after receiving oral antibiotics for 4 weeks and growing stronger, Rio Lobo (his new name) must undergo a corrective surgical procedure. Wanting to assist this family that saved Rio Lobo’s life, Triple Me Mac Equine Sanctuary (Texas) began fundraising for the expensive surgery. Saving Baby Equine Charity was asked to help, and we were thrilled to immediately donate the remaining funds needed for Rio Lobo’s procedure. Once again, Saving Baby Equine Charity was ready and able to assist with the needs of an equine in need…and that is only made possible by the generous donations of all of our wonderful supporters! Little Rio Lobo will have his surgery on May 13, and we will post updates as we receive them. THANK YOU to Rio Lobo’s caring, adoptive family…to Triple Me Mac Equine Sanctuary…and to the kind and generous supporters of Saving Baby Equine Charity! Because of all of us, Rio Lobo has a healthy, full life ahead of him!





Great news! In the time it took for little Rio Lobo to be healthy enough for his surgery, Mother Nature took over and corrected the problem! Now our donation that was to be used for his surgery can go towards his special Foalac Feed and the necessary future vetting. We look forward to photos and updates as little Rio Lobo becomes the handsome “stud” we’re certain he will be!


Rio Lobo, on his way to a full and healthy life!

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