Sox (Medallion’s Winged Spirit)

American Saddlebred


Sox, formally known as Medallion's Winged Spirit, was rescued from a Michigan cattle feedlot on January 20, 2012. He and the only other horse in that feedlot, Thoroughbred racehorse Hog Heaven, were to be brought to the livestock auction that same day (see Hog Heaven's story).


Sox, an American Saddlebred, was a faithful show horse for his owner and her daughter. Yet at the approximate age of 20 years old, his owner discarded both him and Hog Heaven. It is not known exactly how long Sox and Hog Heaven existed in the cattle feedlot, but we do know they were fed only silage and lived in filthy conditions. The older Sox did not fare as well as Hog Heaven at the feedlot. All of his bony prominences were clearly visible beneath his winter coat. He had wounds in various stages of healing on his legs and body. Rain rot covered his back, neck, belly, and even his face. His legs, as were Hog Heaven's, were swollen with infection.


Yet having been "thrown away" and left to his own defenses by the human he had so faithfully served for many years, Sox was forgiving and craved human interaction. He would stand quietly for grooming, enjoying every minute of attention we gave him. The very moment he noticed anyone approaching his paddock at the Saving Baby Equine Charity foster home, Sox would nicker and come to greet "his visitor".


We were honored to provide Sox a temporary home while his caring adopter prepared his new living arrangements at her farm. And we are confident the gentle gelding was given a great start to a new life those few weeks with the Saving Baby Equine Charity team.

Sox shortly after his rescue — looking "rough" but on his way to recovery.

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