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Skippy Due


Nurse Mare Foals

Sugarcreek Auction

Cotton Patch

That'll Do

Sweet Lady Jade

One Hundred Laughs


Blaze, Blackjack

& Rowdy


The Newaygo 23

Hog Heaven


Homely Halo

Marci & Winnie

Cymple Rhythm

23 Wild Mustangs


Shipshewana Auction Rescue Horses 2013

Camies Kruzen

Emmy's Pearl

Three Thoroughbred Racemares


Rio Lobo

Shipshewana Auction Rescue Horses 2014

Another Chance Equine Rescue

The Sheldon Herd

Little Brook Farm

Equine Advocates

BLM Burros

Lenore and her filly

Haflinger mare

Repenting Heart

Glowing Review

Doc and Ducky

Five Donkeys

Peaceful Ridge Rescue

Equine 808 Horse Rescue

Starry Skies Equine Rescue

Horse Plus Humane

Triple Me Mac Sanctuary

Colorado Horse Rescue Network

65 Mustangs Saved

Starry Skies Equine Rescue

$25, $50, $95

Hadrians Empress

No Donkey Left Behind

50 Neglected Horses

Emaciated Stallion


Four Horses Saved

Winds Destroy Shelters

WA Mare in Foal

Nurse Mare Foals 2016

L.E.A.N. Cappucina

Help for Momma Girl

Mother’s Day Save

New Well Emergency

Nine Saved from Slaughter

Racehorse Saved - FL

Racehorse Saved - PA

NM Mule & Donkey Rescue

Donkeys Rescued - 9

Drifter's Hearts

of Hope

Animals' Angels

South Jersey

Horse Rescue

Bella Run Equine Rescue


Skip Over Trouble

Forgotten Horses

Turning Point

Donkey Rescue

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