Sweet Lady Jade

Arabian Mare


Saving Baby Equine Charity took in an emaciated, elderly Arabian mare on October 28, 2012. One of our founders had discovered this poor mare in late August and immediately contacted and communicated with the local animal control. Unfortunately, for so many animals in our state, only the bare minimum is required to be adequate care, so the mare continued to suffer with little food and in filthy conditions. After monitoring the mare for two months from just beyond the owner’s property, our co-founder made contact with the owner on the mare’s behalf. Within a week, he agreed to let us take her!


We know little about her, except that she is an aged Egyptian Arabian and had been moved from home to home over the last several years. She stands 14 hands and we weight taped her at only 600 pounds the day we took her in. Even taking into account the variability of weight tape results, the veterinarian stated she was at least 300 pounds underweight. That translates to a woman with a normal weight of 120 pounds being a mere 80 pounds!


We gave her the name “Jade”, which means “courageous”, as she certainly is that and added “Sweet Lady” after discovering her loving personality.  Even given her depleted state, she was bright and alert…she showed us immediately she was a fighter. We wormed Jade after a fecal check, had an equine dentist float her teeth (they were a mess!), the farrier gave her a much-needed trim, and we started her on 3-times-a-day Senior feed and free-feed hay. One thing was certain, she wasn’t hundreds of pounds underweight because of a poor appetite!...Jade devoured her Senior and ate her hay non-stop!


By spring, Jade had put on the pounds she needed to be a healthy weight. She has no health problems at all, and given her advanced age (the equine dentist stated she is most definitely in her late twenties, and could possibly be 30 years old), Jade looks and acts like any normal, healthy horse…she is, in fact, an “easy-keeper”! She spends her days with her 2 best friends, a miniature horse mare named Belle, and Lilly, a miniature donkey. Jade is such a kind mare, and her impeccable ground manners lead us to believe she was once someone’s beautiful little show horse. How she came to be in such a state of starvation and neglect we will never know, but the courageous little mare hung on until someone came to her rescue. THANK YOU for having a part in her way back to life as it should be!



It is with heavy hearts that we bring you this update. Although Jade reached a good weight and was healthy in every other way, the arthritis that comes with advanced age was becoming increasingly apparent. The onset of cold weather exacerbated the condition, and although daily medication reduces the discomfort of arthritis, it also causes unfavorable side effects. Efforts to place her as a “pasture-sound only” horse, with an excellent forever home, were unsuccessful. We will NOT put ANY horse we rescue at risk by placing them in a home that we are not 100% certain will give them the loving care they deserve for the remainder of their lives. Jade had already endured 3 homes where she was neglected and literally starved in her later years, and we were not going to let that happen to her again. After much thought and many tears, we decided to not risk Jade being neglected, abused or hurt in any way again, and with Joy at her side, she was humanely euthanized. We receive comfort in knowing Jade lived her entire last year experiencing love - living life as a beloved equine family member should. She knew no hunger or thirst, no terror or pain. We were relieved to rescue her from the state of starvation in which we found her, delighted to watch her regain health and happiness, and blessed to have shared the last year of her life. She was truly “Sweet Lady Jade”…she was cherished, she will be missed.






When Jade first came to the attention of Saving Baby Equine Charity, she was so skinny you could easily see her ribs. Today, Sweet Lade Jade, healthy and secure, gets lots of love and attention from Saving Baby Equine Charity co-founder and executive director Joy Aten.

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