The Newaygo 23

Thoroughbred Racehorses


On March 2, 2012, Saving Baby Equine Charity was notified of a situation in Newaygo County, Michigan where 23 horses, mostly Thoroughbreds, were living in unsatisfactory conditions. The owner, a racing breeder and owner, had found it increasingly difficult to properly care for his horses due to mounting personal circumstances. His horses, including soon-to-foal mares, unhandled colts and fillies, and a breeding stallion were to be removed by court order and sent to auction at the end of the month. The owner wanted help for his horses and did not want them going to auction, so he willingly worked with the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition to find new homes. The efforts of many, including rescue organizations and individual adopters, brought about amazing success to meet the deadline of the court-ordered removal, and none of the 23 horses were sent to the auction!


Saving Baby Equine Charity assisted with the "Newaygo 23" rescue, both financially and "hands on". On March 11, one of the Saving Baby founders helped to load three of the horses, a filly and two colts, for transport to their new homes. Not normally too difficult of a task, this particular effort was quite a challenge as not only had these 3 and 4 year-olds never loaded, they had also never been haltered or lead! After an hour of gentle coaxing, quiet patience, and strategically placed panels, the young Thoroughbreds entered the spacious trailer and began their new lives.


Saving Baby Equine Charity would like to thank everyone - the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition, the rescue organizations, the individual adopters, and the horses' owner - for working together for the ultimate good of the horses!

Three youngsters during their first loading experience! All went well with a great deal of time and patience.

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