The Sheldon Herd

Mustangs from the historic Sheldon Herd in northwest Nevada


Saving Baby Equine Charity is pleased to announce we are giving financial assistance to The Mustang Project in California! This non-profit organization, a program for 1) at-risk youth to learn about and interact with horses and to 2) adopt and use BLM Mustangs in the program, especially those in danger of going to slaughter, has been awarded a contract to take up to 72 Mustangs this year. These horses, a portion of the remaining estimated 450 Mustangs that live on the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, are being removed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) as will all of the remaining horses there. The removal of these horses started last year, when 415 horses were gathered and dispersed to 3 separate contractors. According to The Mustang Project’s website, “…there is some concern among wild horse advocates that the contractor who received the majority of the horses (252) may have allowed most of the horses to be put into the slaughter pipeline.”


Again, from their website; “We will be getting all of the older horses and horses that have issues like old leg or eye injuries that don’t make the good candidates for adoption. We would like to provide sanctuary for these older horses, horses that have lived their entire lives free, and will not adapt well to captivity. They deserve a better end than being sent for use as rodeo stock or sent directly to slaughter.”


The first load of horses—35 in number—arrived September 10 and are being evaluated and vaccinated. And while they will not be living out their lives on their range, they will at least be safe from abuse and slaughter and will still be FREE!


We are grateful to The Mustang Project AND to Saving Baby Equine Charity’s supporters…because of their commitment to these American icons and your donations to SBEC, these deserving Mustangs have found their safe, forever home! Please visit for updates and for information how YOU can sponsor a horse via a monthly donation. THANK YOU!



Several of the Sheldon herd mares.

A few of the Sheldon herd geldings.

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