Mare, yearling & foal – 3 lives helped

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Saving Baby Equine Charity realizes that responsible owners also need help from rescues and desperately reach out for help when their personal situation turns dire and what a surprise happened to this owner!  However, in this case, YOU and Triple Me Mac Sanctury – TMMES were there to help and three lives were saved.


Seeking help for a safe home for her mare, Dixie, when she had to move. Her family found a willing person wanting to give her a safe home. Though the new home was not an experienced horse person, she offered shelter, feed and love. During a storm a tree fell on the fence and Dixie got out, ending up at a neighbor’s property down the road.  After she was located, the property owner said she could stay there with his horses since it seemed Dixie, being a herd animal, was so very lonely. Knowing this family, it was agreed and Dixie would be checked on to make sure she was well. Flash forward a year and a half, and the property owner brings Dixie back but not alone! Dixie now has an unhandled yearling colt and is pregnant again! No one was told there was a stallion on the property allowed to breed Dixie!


The property owner offered to haul them to an auction but a resounding "No Way!!" from the responsible party for not only Dixie and her yearling but she was expecting a foal! Can you believe this? He assured her it was a "no kill" auction, and smart lady, she assured him there was no such thing! Someone was offering to take this beautiful mare and her unborn foal and her yearling to slaughter!!


She reached out to The Homes for Horses Coalition and was given the number for Triple Me Mac Sanctuary – TMMES for help for the 3 horses.


States Dixie Neeley of Triple Me Mac Sanctuary: “I know this is not a dramatic rescue or anything, but I strongly believe we need to help responsible owners as well as the dire needs horses.”


“I'm taking on all 3”, Dixie continues as she so honesty states: “I won't even bother fundraising for them - there's no money when there's no drama!! The lady who had to sell her property is going to help with feed and hay donations but thank goodness you came through even unknowingly.” Triple Me Mac Sanctuary wants people to know there are many people out there who need help and that's just as important as the dramatic saves! Dixie Neeley is currently trying to help 5-6 people to rehome their horses right now.


YOU and Saving Baby Equine Charity helped her with these three because we agree – all lives are important.


Triple Me Mac Sanctuary – TMMES is a 100% volunteer organization and donations go directly to the equines they assist.



Unexpected unhandled yearling colt

Even MORE unexpected! Mare was in foal with Legs!

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