WA Mare In Foal


From Facebook, Saving Baby Equine Charity learned of the plight of this 6-7-year-old mare after her elderly owner passed away. She was living far from Michigan in the state of Washington. Six other horses were in the herd but the situation with “Honey” was more than the new owners could handle. Due to the overwhelming need for surgery due to the large growth (suspected sarcoid/tumor) on the side of her face and into her mouth and the fact that this kind, sweet mare was confirmed in foal required assistance from many people and other rescue organizations working with one goal: To help this young mare.


Working together with an awesome Washington state rescue, Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE), Saving Baby Equine Charity was able to facilitate finding this mare a spot at their Safe Harbor Stables.


“Honey” was taken to a hospital and evaluated by a surgeon but her growth was inoperable. When she went into early labor with a foal too young to survive, “Honey” was surrounded by love, kind words and a gentle touch as she peacefully left us. Rest in peace, sweet girl and thank you readers, supporters and Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE) for being there in her time of greatest need.



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