Why We Are Called Saving Baby


More than 20 years ago, Saving Baby president Jo Anne Normile fell in love with a Thoroughbred that happened to be born on her farm. She was not supposed to keep the horse, a beautiful, exuberant bay with only a few white hairs on his forehead.  He belonged to a breeder who lived somewhere else. But the breeder said she could have the foal, whom she nicknamed Baby, as long as she raced him. He insisted on that arrangement because every time Baby won a race, he would receive some of the purse.


Jo Anne didn’t know anything about racing when she sent Baby on the track.  But by degrees, she learned what a brutal industry it is for horses. She finally did an about-face and began rescuing horses from the track rather than trying to race them.


Because every single horse is, in effect, like Baby — a vulnerable being who needs the support of nurturers and kind handlers — whenever people help rescue a horse in need, they are, literally, Saving Baby.


Jo Anne and Saving Baby secretary Larry Lindner have written a book about Baby’s experiences. Called, appropriately enough, Saving Baby, it has received favorable advance reviews in Kirkus Reviews, Today’s Horse magazine, and a number of other publications.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each copy will go to Saving Baby Equine Charity. The book will be available in hardcover from St. Martin's Press October 21; however, preorders can be placed now. Visit Amazon to read editorial reviews and customer reviews and to order.


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