Winds Destroy Shelters


Skip Over Trouble Equine Rescue, Inc. in Citra, Florida had extensive damage to their horse shelters from wind damage and asked for help from Saving Baby Equine Charity for this unexpected emergency.


What was really wonderful, Skip Over Trouble Equine Rescue, Inc. already had a generous donor willing to match donations, the donation by Saving Baby Equine Charity was doubled!


Directly from their website, the stated mission of Skip Over Trouble Equine Rescue, Inc. is: “To help horses and on occasion other animals that have been abused, abandoned and starved, to get love, care and training that will help them find a loving, permanent home. If for any reason a horse is not adoptable, we will provide a sanctuary here for them. We do not support Horse Racing in any manner and we have personally seen the other side of what happens to the majority of the horses after and during racing. “


We thank our readers, donors, supporters and volunteers that made it possible to help Skip Over Trouble Equine Rescue, Inc. make emergency repairs for their equine shelters.

One of the many wind destroyed shelters

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